The Drawings from Another World embody imaginitive worlds of fantastic landscapes and creatures inspired by dreams and hidden emotion.

Exploring the soul
Deep inside each one of us is a world unknown to others. Our souls are populated by archetypes and composite philosophies and experiences that the mind tries to understand through imagery particular to each individual. This series tries to capture this world of feelings and philosophies in visual form, without implying any answers or morals to the stories depicted. There are no answers here. In sharing this world with you I hope you can learn something about your own life by reflecting on images that can act as guiding frameworks for thought and as an exploration of feelings.

Everyman is an island
Some say that "no man is an island." Jeff says "every man is an island unto himself", deep within the confines of his mind and soul. Creative expression is how we humans try to express this isolation and share our inner soul with others. Jeff invites you to take a journey through my archetypical archipelago and visit worlds you have never thought existed. Who knows; such worlds may even exist in your own mind....
Jeff Engberg